Cooperation with the Youth Energy pedagogical association

On February 21, a meeting was held in Paris between representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 and the Executive Director of the Youth Energy Pedagogical Association Ms. Anne Becquet. This is one of the major associations that, with the support of the French Ministry of Education, works in French schools using a special methodology that develops self-discipline and perseverance among school students. Recent scientific studies show that it is possible to improve the performance of students from dysfunctional families by doing simple psychological exercises. The “Youth Energy” is the first association in the world that translated these scientific discoveries into concrete programs and promoted them free of charge to schools on a large scale. The parties agreed on cooperation in preparing the Global Forum and identifying the best teachers in France. The Association will send its teachers, who apply its methods in the best way, to participate in the forum. Ms. Anne Becquet recommended working with the French Ministry of Education to spread the information about the forum among teachers of French schools.