About us

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

The Organising Committee has been preparing Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2026 since June 2018. 

We have come up with an idea of holding the Global Forum two years ago during one of the international pedagogical forums that the Organising Committee and its permanent chairman Eugeny Baranovsky has been engaged in for 11 years.

Stichting Education Support Foundation and European Institute for Education Development were specially created for holding this event.

This is the first international pedagogical forum on that magnitude in the world. We invite 10 teachers from each country to participate in the Forum free of charge. Experience of the most talented teachers is invaluable, and we would like them to have an opportunity to share it with educators from all over the world.

We have created https://www.education-forum.com specifically for organisation and holding IPF∙2026

The Organising Committee’s offices are located in Europe to collaborate with representatives of pedagogical communities in all countries.

The Forum will be broadcast on the site https://www.education-forum.com.

The Organising Committee does not consider necessary to have any social media because such work occupies vast resources and prevents the basic preparation.

Social networks are really important, but they play a secondary role for us. Therefore, if you believe we certainly should have an official page on social networks, we would be happy if you could help us to create, manage and develop it. In turn, we will focus on the organisation of the Forum. If you want to help us on his matter, please contact us using the information on the website.

We negotiate with leading media worldwide about information support for the Global Forum. The forum is still being prepared, so that is why there is no information about us in mass media yet. But if you think information about the Forum must be already published, we would appreciate any help. The Organising Committee would be pleased to provide representatives of mass media with all required materials.

The Forum’s agenda will be published in October 2020. The topics are being coordinated with all participants, who have already been selected by their pedagogical communities to take part in IPF∙2026.

We are against thinking inside the box and believe it prevents various useful initiatives.

IPF∙2026 is a non-commercial project. We invite the best teachers from all over the globe free of charge. Hotels are already paid, conference rooms and broadcasting equipments are ready for the Forum. 

Over 3 000 teachers improve their qualifications every month. The fund's activities are aimed at providing international exchange of teaching experience. Teachers determine appropriate training methods for their work with children by themselves. The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the future education.

The Organising Committee has partnerships with numerous teacher associations and with ministries of education in some countries, which help in searching for interested teachers.

Stichting Education Support Foundation is a team of professionals. 

Contact us:
e-mail: info@education-forum.com
Poland Tel.: +
Germany, Berlin Tel.: +4932221091055
Finland, Helsinki Tel.: +358942454720
Singapore, Singapore Tel.: +6531590924

Argentina, Buenos Aires Tel.: +541159839451

We are against stereotyped thinking and believe that it hinders the development of global initiatives in the world that can change lives for the better.

It is your right to have doubts, but please do not hinder us to prepare and hold the forum. A forum that will help teachers to find unique methods of working with children and all together to get closer to the answer about the future of education, the goals of education and to understand who is really the best teacher. 

Write and call us.  We will be glad to help in the organization and holding the forum. We are open to dialogue and ready to discuss any forms of cooperation.