I held a meeting with Mr. Andrzej Kaczozik, Deputy Director of Auschwitz and Director of International Educational Centre on Auschwitz and Holocaust

We agreed on further cooperation. Mr. Andrzej Kaczozik intended his interest on arranging a joint conference for Russian teachers. At the meeting we discussed possibilities of creating a documentary about the beginning of World War II, and a question on “what is the Auschwitz liberation” was arised. I am confident that our cooperation will be fruitful and useful for many people. I also believe that this cooperation will help to explain more about World war II, Holocaust, and Auschwitz camp. It will encourage teachers from many countries to develop the learning materials for students which will help them to study history in more depth. Teachers from many countries are not able to visit the Auschwitz – Birkenau Museum, which was founded at the former Nazi concentration camp. We are going to work out together new online educational programmes. Our discussion was interesting and meaningful!