Meeting in the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria

On February 4, 2019, representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 met with the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Bulgaria, Ms. Denitsa Sacheva and Head of the International Communications Department of the Ministry Mimi Daneva. Madam Deputy Minister supported the Global Forum and assured the Organizing Committee of support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. Ms. Sacheva said that she considers the Bulgarian Union of Teachers to be a worthy partner of the Organizing Committee that is able to select the best teachers in Bulgaria and send them to take part in the forum in the cities where it will be held.
The participants of the meeting discussed the main tasks the Bulgarian education system faces. The topics covered included the problem of attracting young teachers to schools, modern knowledge necessary for a teacher today, for example, in areas such as digitalization and critical thinking, teacher authority in the eyes of parents and the problem of parent-school partnership, the problem of cybersecurity, the problems of integrating children with special needs.