St Christopher School presented the names of the best teachers in the United Kingdom to the Organizing Committee

St Christopher School submitted to the Organizing Committee the names of the best teachers in the United Kingdom to participate in the Global Forum. In this school, teachers treat young people as individuals and seek to help them develop competence and resourcefulness, public awareness and moral courage, friendship, and a true interest in life.
They help students become self-disciplined and motivated individuals who are independent students, creative thinkers who are able to make an informed choice. Their lessons challenge students, make them think for themselves, and develop real curiosity.The teachers want to talk about development and improvement of education systems in a global sense. In both public and private education systems, higher education is inaccessible to most of society. They also want to talk about science, which is part of the development of youth in the modern era. The Organizing Committee continues to work with associations and schools in the United Kingdom to select the best teachers.