Cooperation with the Polish teachers Union

In May the President of the Organizing Committee of International Pedagogical Forums Evgeny   Baranovsky held a meeting with the President of the Polish teachers Union Slawomir Broniarz. At the meeting it became immediately clear that goals and targets that our organizations set for themselves are very similar. Following the meeting the leaders agreed on cooperation and joint work in various areas of education. 


October 25th – 31st _  Pedagogical Tour in Europe will be held where the Polish side will participate in the conference for teachers and tell about advantages of their education system, approaches in teaching and history.


December 4th – an online conference will be held with topic "Work with immigrant children, their education and integration programs" with the speech of Slawomir Broniarz. He will share his experience on this subject. Speakers from Germany, Finland and Slovenia will also take part in the conference.