Evgeny Baranovsky visited the physics lesson at the school of Nantong Tianjiabing

On October 24, 2018, Evgeny Baranovsky, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020, began his visit to China, organized with the participation of Mr. M. Henchen, First Secretary for Education of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow. The purpose of the visit is to participate in the All-China Conference “Modernity and Classics”, which takes place in the city of Nanjing at the Jiangsu Second Pedagogical Institute since October 20, 2018.
The visit program also provides for attendance at lessons in Chinese schools in order to familiarize and exchange information on methods of conducting lessons and educating schoolchildren. Today, Evgeny Baranovsky attended a physics lesson at the Nantong tianjiabing school.