Participation in Bett Asia 2019 conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On March 12-13 2019 in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 participated in Bett Asia 2019 conference. The conference’s theme of this year was «Building a change culture to deliver 21st century learning». Education leaders of the Asian-Pacific region are working together to build a culture of change in education and strongly believe that 21 century skills are the paramount success for students.This conference brought together professionals in education from the Asian- Pacific Region who examined and tested the latest tools, technologies and resources which are going to revolutionize the educational environment and improve the in-class experience of students. Participants grew in practical knowledge of implementing innovative technologies and approaches in their institutions. Representatives of the Organizing Committee of IPF∙2020 held a series of meetings and agreed to cooperate with conference’s participants, speakers and representatives of various businesses in education. Representatives of the Organizing Committee would like to express their appreciation for the event’s organizing on high and professional level.It is believed that the global professional audience will be interested in experience of institutions from the Asian-Pacific Region. Implementing opportunities like this is one of the aims for the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020.