Meeting in Belgrade with a member of the European Teachers' Association

On January 31, 2019, in Belgrade, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020, Evgeny Baranovsky, met with a member of the European Teachers' Association, Mr. Zejak, principal of the Sixth Belgrade Grammar School, where the meeting took place. The European Teachers' Association works in 26 countries and is headquartered in Paris. The participants of the meeting had a tour of the gymnasium, and Mr. Zejak spoke about the educational process and about schools in Serbia. In particular, they talked about the working conditions of teachers in Serbia. Mr. Zejak was enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by the Global Forum and put forward his initiative to support the Organizing Committee and to recommend the European Teachers' Association to pay attention to the Global Forum and to participation of teachers from all countries that are part of the association.