Forum of leaders education IPF∙2020

The Forum of the best teachers 248 countries is the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 that starts on November 4-8, 2019 on several continents simultaneously. The forum will gather together the best teachers round the world, and anyone can take part in the forum.

The best teachers  will present the best experience in teaching and raising children to the community of the whole world. Forum participants will enable any teacher to apply a new experience for themselves in their school in class, and for parents to know about effective methods of raising children. Representatives of the most modern innovative companies - world business leaders - will report about the kind of specialists they need now and will be needed in the future; and from representatives of the best universities in the world, teachers and parents gain knowledge of what graduates they are waiting for in the coming years. The Forum will feature global policy leaders who will light one of the most important issues on the global agenda - the planning and development of human resources. The best representatives of the world press will acquaint participants with the skills of working with information.

The IPF∙2020 Global International Pedagogical Forum will be held simultaneously in five countries and cities of the world - Warsaw, Helsinki, Singapore, Washington, Berlin. For the best teachers forum participation is free.
“Today, November 5, 2018, the Organizing Committee of the Forum starts the countdown. Only one year remains before the opening of the Forum. And there is a lot of work ahead, ”said Evgeny Baranovsky, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, President of the European Institute for Educational Development. "In each of the 248 countries, the ten best teachers of schools are determined to participate in the Forum program for free in all cities of its holding," he said.

The main goal of the Global Forum is to bridge the gap between education levels, ensure access to quality education for all people and eliminate illiteracy. “Modern education is an area that has no limits thanks to modern technology. Polarization of education levels should not be allowed, it is a bad tendency because in such a case education systems reproduce only themselves, and a modern child in some countries remains outside the main trends of the world’s development. This requirement is not tomorrow, but today. And therefore we have gathered the best teachers - the strongest leaders in its field round the world for free and answer the questions of how to teach children and what in the future, ”said the Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

Professional educational communities in each country  with the assistance of departments are responsible for education. They have to  submit an application for the participation of the 10 best teachers to the Organizing Committee. According to words of  Evgeny Baranovsky, the Organizing Committee of the Forum is working with presidents and governments of many countries in the world, with communities of educators, with representatives of large innovative global companies, famous people.