Difference between teaching theories and real life classroom

I have taught English to many different kinds of students depending on their level, their needs and especially their geolocalization. Through my experience, I could see that the best way to teach is to know our students and to identify their motivation. Despite of all the theories related to teaching, I could notice that there is a huge difference between those theories and the real life in the classroom. Therefore, we (teachers) need to understand our students first in order to help them well in their learning situation. In this presentation, I will talk about:
1 - Malagasy situational background
2 - Teaching theories
3 - Classroom real life
4 - Some valuable advice worth sharing among teachers

Tamby Ninha Randrianary

My name is Tamby Ninha RANDRIANARY. I hold a CAPEN (Certificat d’Aptitude Pédagogique de l’Ecole Normale) degree which is specialized in teaching at high schools. I have been teaching English since 2009. Now, I am the National Coordinator of ASPnet (UNESCO Associated Schools Network) and CU (UNESCO Clubs) here in Madagascar ; and I am teaching Business English at INSCAE (National Institute of Accounting and Business Administration) in Antananarivo at the same time. I am also finishing my Master Research in Plurilinguism and pluriculturalism at ENS University (Ecole Normale Supérieure) in Antananarivo as I would like to pursue my Doctorate degree in this field.

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