Innovative pedagogy integration in TVET: A case of blended learning approach

In view of the growing concern for adoption of innovative pedagogy by TVET teachers, effective integration of innovative teaching practices such as blended learning, e-learning, industry-based learning, etc. at secondary and tertiary level of education in Nigeria is considered essential given the disruptions caused by global Covid-19 pandemic. Studies have shown that the majority of TVET teachers are predominantly using traditional teaching approaches such as discussion, demonstration, textbook reading and field trips as against innovative teaching practices like industry-based learning, simulation, blended and flipped learning that promote learner-centeredness, active learning, self-paced or individualized learning, that can guarantee improved learner engagement and learning outcomes.

Dr. Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe

Dr. Chijioke Jonathan Olelewe is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Education, Faculty of Vocational & Technical Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and an Assistant Research Fellow at the Centre for Technical Vocational Education, Training and Research (CERTVETAR), University of Nigeria Nsukka. His research interest includes ICT application in TVET, Blended learning, robotics and E-learning. He has published a number of scholarly articles in refereed journals including Computers & Education, Education and Information technologies, SAGE Open, Journal of Computers in Education, among others.

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