Dear friends!

The organizing committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF2020 made a difficult decision to postpone the forum to November 2026.

Quality education, as well as good health and well-being, are the Sustainable Development Goals of the World. The Sustainable Development Goals are a kind of call to action emanating from all countries - poor, rich and moderately developed. It aims to improve well-being and protect our planet.

In order to realize any of the 17 goals of sustainable development of the world, including defeating Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we need to develop a quality education today. Today, COVID-19 does not defeat us, but makes us stop - the virus stops the growth of the global economy, and the global educational and medical community forces us to look for a solution and, most importantly, unite in finding a solution to defeat COVID-19.

The unification of the global medical community in the fight against COVID-19 once again confirms the correctness of the path we have chosen to achieve all the goals of sustainable development of the world. The IPF∙2026 organizing committee continues to work with representatives of the educational community of all countries in the world to select the best representatives and invite them to the IPF∙2026 Global Pedagogical Forum in November 2026

Chairman of the Organizing Committee IPF∙2026 
Evgeny Baranovsky