The Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020

Description of the project


Dates: November 2-6, 2020

Venues: Warsaw (Poland), Helsinki (Finland), Singapore, Berlin (Germany), Washington D.C. (USA).

Organizing Committee is ready to set the sixth venue for the Forum. Contact the Committee for further details and negotiation at

Distance participation: all countries.


- full-time participation: 2000 participants (300+ participants in each city)

- distance participation: no less than 30 millions of participants


The concept:

Pedagogical Forum (IPF∙2020) is a platform for education professionals to exchange their methods, ideas, and experience and search for solutions to global challenges through education of future generations. World leaders in politics and business, public persons, leading pedagogical experts and best teachers of the world will gather to discuss the ways of resolving global issues and developing values and skillsets, required in contemporary society. Another topic of discussion will be developing educational systems all across the globe no matter what political system, economical state or population a country has, and soft integration of developing and emerging states into the global environment.

IPF∙2020 will provide an opportunity for teachers, businesses, and governments to discuss challenges of the modern world and be heard. The Forum is partnering with commercial, government, and non-profit organizations to search for extraordinary teachers around the globe and to develop new educational programs and standards for facing modern challenges.

European Institute for Educational Development (Poland) with the support from NL Stichting Education Support (Netherlands) are providing 10 best teachers from each country with free accommodation, catering, and admission to the Forum.

Our goal is to rise the status of teaching professions. Teacher is the person most responsible for the future of the world. Teacher is the one who motivates young people to solve global problems and inculcates innovative ideas. Teachers affect younger generations for years by forming the vision of the future and attitude towards current events. However, the role of teacher is underestimated. Young adults do not see this profession as challenging and are not inclined to become a teacher. But even experienced teachers are not always able follow modern trends in society and innovative technologies.

The aim of IPF∙2020 is to change this situation and rises awareness of this issue within representatives of businesses and governments. The Forum is going to define the goals of education system. The main topic of discussion of IPF∙2020 is the lack of common understanding of education’s goal in contemporary everchanging global environment. Educational programs of schools and universities do not meet requirements of the modern world and become outdated before the release. This results in discrepancy between knowledge of school graduates and university expectations, and between skillsets of bachelors and employers’ requirements. Due to the conservative nature of education authorities and establishments and their insufficient involvement in the process of educational development, teaching methods are not being changed for years. Poor quality of education and a discrepancy between students’ grades and their real skills leads to not only negative impact on labor market, but also on the image of higher education. Future professionals need substantive knowledge to make the world a better place.

Parents rely on schools in matters of education and a child’s growth, schools are under the pressure of education authorities, so they are not able to keep pace with the times. As a result, the field of education is getting more unorganized. The expert community is creating system of quality assessment and different ratings, imitating solicitude for education and involving national governments in it. In this environment, planned teaching goals cannot be reached.

In the long term, the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 is going to be an annual credible platform for teachers and all professionals who work for the sake of modern education. All governments in the world will be able to apply educational approaches in due time, based on the most effective ideas.

IPF∙2020 is launching the program of creation of training courses, which are going to be available in the next 2-3 years for all teachers and all parents from each part of the world in different languages. In 3-4 years will be launched the program of definition and support of talented children from all over the world assisted by the Global Forum’s teachers.


The goals:

  • Teachers from each country will choose the best training techniques for solving pedagogical problems, which they face daily.
  • Teachers are those who influence on students during a substantial period of their lives. Thus, they will be given modern methods of teaching classes which will help them to draw students’ attention, motivate them, and consolidate their achievements.
  • Teachers will be experienced in narrowly targeted questions like work with children-immigrants, combating violence in schools, inclusive education, etc.
  • Teachers will have an opportunity to discuss such matters as training of professional educators, collaboration between parents and schools, the discrepancy of educational programs with the modern business requirements, and so on.
  • Revising of education goals and setting new ones.
  • Using the main topics of the Forum as the groundwork for up-to-date legislation in the field of education.
  • Meeting the requirements of state-of-the-art companies, which are in need for well-educated professionals.
  • Bridging the gap between different levels of education among countries, providing high-quality education for everyone, and literacy promotion.

This is also one of the most priority goals of United Nations for sustainable development.