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Dear friends!

The organizing committee of the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 made a difficult decision to postpone the forum to November 2026.

Quality education, as well as good health and well-being, are the Sustainable Development Goals of the World. The Sustainable Development Goals are a kind of call to action emanating from all countries - poor, rich and moderately developed. It aims to improve well-being and protect our planet.

You can read more about why IPF∙2020 turned to IPF∙2026 HERE.

Our contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To organize and conduct the Global International Pedagogical Form IPF∙2026, I have created funds and representative offices in different countries. The main organizer of the forum is the Foundation for the support of international projects. We are doing a great job in organizing and conducting IPF∙2026. Today, the foundation continues its work on organizing the interaction of teachers from different countries in the world. We believe that the exchange of accumulated pedagogical experience is very important in the modern world.

Now at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging in the world, we have used our contacts around the world to get answers to questions about the COVID-19 pandemic from leading virologists in every country in the world. HERE you can listen to interviews where leading virologists from different countries in the world express their authoritative opinions on the issues of the virus.

Please take precautions and be healthy. Stay tuned for IPF∙2026 preparations and online conferences with leading virologists. Every three to four days, new interviews come out. Watch interviews with leading virologists HERE.

Lea las noticias actuales sobre los eventos y detalles de la participación
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Letters from Country Leaders

Our activities are not ignored. We receive letters from representative offices of the world leaders with warm wishes and support for the Forum.

We have already received letters from representatives of Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Brazil and nine other countries' leaders.

¿Qué forma de participación preferirá?
Personal in Warsaw, Poland
Hotel Novotel Warszawa Centrum
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Personal in Berlin, Germany
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Personal in Singapore, Singapore
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Personal in Helsinki, Finland
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What is IPF∙2026?

We organize the Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2026, which will be held 2-6 November, 2026 simultaneously in five countries and cities around the world – Finland (Helsinki), Singapore, the USA (Washington D.C.), Poland (Warsaw) and Germany (Berlin). The Forum will be broadcast live.

The best teachers from all the countries of the world take part in the IPF∙2026 for FREE. The Organizing Committee pays for the participation, accommodation and meals. Any teacher can participate remotely. Paid participation for teachers is also available.

Teachers of each country will get new information about the skills and methods of work of their best colleagues from all over the world. On the IPF∙2026 we will collect, combine and share all the best in education and open up it to everyone.

Our goal is to let the best teachers of each country share their huge teaching and education experience to the world. We have gathered the best educators - the strongest teachers from all over the world to answer the questions on what and how to teach children in the future.

Hemos creado la única plataforma para el intercambio de experiencia, desarrollo profesional, comunicación informal, establecimiento de una colaboración internacional y, por supuesto, discusión de las tareas globales en el sector de educación moderna. Nuestros speakers – profesores, empleados del sector de educación, maestros, innovadores, creadores en el sector de pedagogía de todo el mundo, listos para compartir sus conocimientos probados mediante la experiencia práctica.
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