Professor Anupam Varma believes that the world as a whole is already experiencing the second and third waves of virus infection.

This is due to the fact that in different countries, mass infection began at different time periods and proceeds differently. For example, in India, today, says Professor Varma, the number of new infections is increasing, but the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 infection is decreasing. Professor Anupam Varma suggests that this may be due to the specific local Indian cuisine or due to the local traditional medicine-Ayurveda, which clearly has a positive effect on strengthening the overall immune system. However, this is just an assumption, there is no information to prove this. From the point of view of Virology, it is almost impossible to name specific symptoms that would be characteristic of infection with a particular virus. Each organism forms its own response to the invasion and activity of the virus. This is also why, explains the Indian virologist, in many cases, infection passes without symptoms. However, these are very dangerous cases – a person does not feel any wrong symptoms, does not understand that he is already a carrier of the virus, and therefore easily spreads it among others without knowing about it. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct more mass testing, explains Professor Varma. Collecting and processing such amount of information is not an easy task. As for re-infection, the Indian Professor explains that it is almost impossible to be re-infected with the same strain of virus.  Professor Varma explains that often people feel that they have recovered, the virus infection has passed, but quite often the virus itself remains in the body and after some time becomes active again. This is why people believe that after recovery, they might have some residual symptoms. PCR tests is a powerful diagnostic tool, according to an Indian specialist. This type of test allows you to detect infection with the virus even in cases when it passes without symptoms. This clearly reduces the spread of the virus. The blood test for detecting antibodies, in turn, is more research-oriented and allows scientists and researchers to determine how much of the population is already resistant to this strain of virus, since patients already have protective antibodies. Professor Varma believes that both types of tests for COVID-19 are highly accurate, informative for different purposes, and their combined, integrated application will allow the scientific community to collect more complete information in a shorter time. Despite the fact that the world community does not yet have any information about the recently registered Sputnik – V vaccine in Russia, the Indian virologist believes this is a great hope for millions of people. We need to learn to trust the people who are developing vaccines. Of course, all the necessary checks and testing of any vaccine must pass before being allowed for mass use, but this certainly takes a long time, says Professor Varma. Many countries and companies are developing their own vaccines against CVID-19, and a Professor from India believes that soon there will be a life-saving vaccine-effective and affordable for different countries. Professor Anupam Varma says that the testing of the vaccine takes place at different stages, in different social groups. However, the very first who should be vaccinated, according to the Professor, are the frontline workers : doctors. On the issue of returning children to school, the Professor from India agrees that it is still too early to return children to school. Low rates of COVID-19 infection in children are associated with a stronger immune system of the child's body, or still with the fact that children were isolated from each other and other social contacts for a long time, asks Professor Varma. It is likely that this is due to the combination of these two factors. However, why put children in unnecessary danger. Professor Varma believes that children should not return to school in the usual old mode until a proven effective vaccine is available, which should not take more than 4-6 months.