Dear friends!

We gather leading teachers from each country to make quality education available around the world. Coronovirus intervened in the plans for the forum and forced us to postpone the forum. Since coronavirus affects not only the Global Pedagogical Forum, coronavirus affects all spheres of life on earth, we decided to try to understand this issue and collect the opinion of leading virologists from each country.

In order to realize any of the 17 goals of sustainable development of the world, including defeating Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we need to develop a quality education today. Today, COVID-19 does not defeat us, but makes us stop - the virus stops the growth of the global economy, and the global educational and medical community forces us to look for a solution and, most importantly, unite in finding a solution to defeat COVID-19.

The unification of the global medical community in the fight against COVID-19 once again confirms the correctness of the path we have chosen to achieve all the goals of sustainable development of the world.

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