On February 1, 2026, the Conference of the World's Leading Oncologists will be held. This Conference will bring together the world’s experts in the field of oncology to work together on the most burning issues, means and methods of treatment and prevention of diseases.

The Forum will be devoted to the best world’s practices of oncology treatment and the experience exchange of the leading professionals. Doctors from all around the globe will get access to the Forum’s online streaming.

One of the results of this Conference will also be a working group of the world’s leading specialists in the field of oncology establishment.

First of all, the activities of the working group of the world's leading oncologists will be aimed at informing cancer patients around the world about some specific aspects of the course of the disease; complex use of modern and standard methods of therapy, study and implementation of new drugs and methods which will improve the tolerance of anticancer treatment and reduce its toxicity, collaboration on work in the fields of research of biochemical, molecular and immunological factors that allow assessing the risk of occurrence of cancer and improving the quality of life of patients, as well as many others.