Teaching letter sounds

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you and where ever you might be living in for now.first and foremost I would like to thank the IPF-organising committee for organising such a wonderful platform where teachers showcase their experience and of course share their experience with colleagues all-around the globe.In this regard my speech would focus on teaching letter sounds in the lower grades so as to mitigate reading problem. I choose this topic as my area of speech simply because I would like to share my real life experience as a teacher who has been teaching and interacting with children of different learning abilities since I began teaching up to date.

Kalidou Njardo

As you may know, my name is Kalidou s Njardo.I am twenty-nine years old. I live in the rural provinces of the Gambia West Africa.I attended my primary school in my home village from 1997-2002.Then I proceeded to attend my upper basic certificate from 2003-2005 when I sat the GABECE  which is Gambia Basic Education Certificate Examination.I later proceeded to Banjul to attend my senior secondary education and later sat the WASSCE exams that is the West African Senior School Certificate Examination all from 2005-2008 respectively.In December 2009 I commence my primary Teachers Certificate course at the Gambia college from 2009-2012 respectively.Meanwhile I started teaching while under going the course as part of the course outline.In doing so, I received a lot of observations by my lecturers at the college who followed me to the classroom level to see and understand  my teaching methodologies as a teacher trainee.Upon completion of my course, I was appointed as a qualified teacher designated to teach in the primary or lower sector.Although I taught all grades in the lower sector but spent more time in teaching the lower grades such as grades 1-3.In the year 2013-2014 after receiving series of in-service trainings, I was identified as a cluster trainer in phonics responsible for the training of teachers in my cluster as well as engaging on class room observations and material production for their lesson delivery in their various classes.Moreover through my achievements, I was identified as a school head teacher  in January 2017 in my home village where I served for one year then moved to start up a new school in a nearby community to my previous school in 2018.since then I have been managing the school up to date and also continue in conducting trainings for teachers in my cluster.

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