Incorporating PBL and CLIL as well as extracurricular clubs in teaching and learning English in our EFL Curriculum

For me, as for a teacher of English,  not only  theoretical knowledge and language skills are important but also developing essential life skills, so as my students could apply their  classroom knowledge and skills to life and use it in practice. My aim is to raise my students as good global citizens who will become the part of the global community where they will have to  be tolerant to differences and respect others' opinions, cultures, traditions and values.

In order to achieve my goal , I created a curricullum both for formal and  informal education.

I especially pay attention to developing my students oracy skills- listening and speaking as we all know that EFL student's language skills are often measured by their fluency in communication skills. I acknowledge that without good communication skills the ability to progress in the world and in life is impossible. And fluency in communication comes through regular and constant interaction.

Besides developing oracy and other language competences, my goal is to develop critical thinking and creative skills with my students.

So, in order to achieve my goals, I incorporate authentic literature in the curriculum.  Such authentic texts as The Adventure of Tom Sawyer or  stories by Oscar Wild  helps our students not only master language competences but also improve their life skills, develop critical thinking and creativity through multiple activities.

Another practice that helps us improve teaching and learning English is differenciated approach. After giving our students a diagnostic tests and after analysing the results, we create different classes according to the level of English and apply  a differentiated activities to them.

I often use such modern approaches to teaching English as Project Based Learning and Content and Language integrated Learning. Engaging students in different projects gives our students 21st century skills and raises their motivation because they tackle such  crucial topics/problems that are part of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

As for extra curricular activities, I conduct a Public speaking and Creative Writing Clubs and a Drama Club. Students master the skills of public speaking, oracy, debates and crearive writing. They perform plays, such as Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Romeo and Juliet, Selfish Giant and other.

Maia Tkemaladze

My name is Maia Tkemaladze. I have been an English as a foreign language teacher for almost 30 years in a remote small town, Sachkhere Public school in West Georgia. I am a TESOL member, TEA( Teaching Excellence awards ) alumna from Montana State University, USA. I am  a teacher trainer for the British Council Georgia and the head of the foreign language department in my school. A feather in my  hat has been the 2018 ESU-English Speaking Union's competition "Oracy in Education", where I became a runner up for my work achievements in developing Oracy skills among my students.

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