As a result of the conference, there will be formed the group, dealing with 2 issues:
Developing proposals to address the crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic
Developing practical recommendations for the treatment of COVID-19
The group will include the best virologists in the world
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Conference honored guests

Professor Peter Doherty
È membro della Royal Society e patrono Dell'Istituto Peter Doherty per le infezioni e l'immunità. Scienziato onorario... Show more
United States of America
Professor Michael Levitt
British, Israeli and American biophysicist, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry in collaboration with Martin... Show more

Conference participants

Anthony Kelleher
Professor, clinical scientist. Made the first observations describing the recovery of antigen-specific CD4 + T cell... Show more
Sheena Sullivan
Professor, doctor of epidemiology at the University of California, Los Angeles. The first epidemiologist to... Show more
Damian Purcell
Professor, head of the laboratory of molecular Virology at the Department of Microbiology and immunology Of the... Show more
United States of America
Ralph Baric
Distinguished Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Professor in the Department of Microbiology and... Show more
Matthew D. Moore
University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Research area Matthew D. Moore Food Microbiology, food and environmental... Show more
Tommye Austin
University of the health system. Senior Vice President of the San Antonio clinic, Texas, USA. In 2019, she was... Show more
Berlin Londono
Professor at Kansas state University.Head of the vector laboratory, doctor of philosophy. In recent years, he has... Show more
Rushika Perera
Doctor of RNA Virology, Department of Microbiology, immunology and pathology, Colorado State University (USA). Member... Show more
Davidson H. Hamer
He is a Professor of global health and medicine at the school of public health and the Boston University school of... Show more
Dr. Gianrico Farrugia
Doctor of medicine, runs a translation lab funded by the National institutes of health (NIH). President and CEO of... Show more
Larry J. Anderson
An American virologist who has held senior positions at the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) for more... Show more
Pei-Yong Shi
He is the J. H. Kempner Professor of human genetics at the University of Texas medical school in Galveston, Texas,... Show more
United Kingdom
Professor Polly Roy
Ufficiale Dell'ordine dell'Impero Britannico per il merito nella ricerca virale. Professore e presidente del... Show more
Dr Emily Adams
È ricercatrice nel dipartimento di diagnosi delle malattie infettive della Liverpool School of tropical medicine.La... Show more
Eleni Nastouli
Doctor, clinical virologist at London hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) and great Ormond Street hospital. She... Show more
Professor Cristiana M. Nascimento-Carvalho
È professore presso la Facoltà di Medicina dell'Università Federale di Bahia, El Salvador, Brasile-coordinatore del... Show more
Dr. Victor Corman
È un virologo tedesco e capo di un gruppo di ricerca che sta attualmente studiando il coronavirus presso L'Istituto... Show more
Karin Mölling
Professor, German virologist, whose research has focused on retroviruses, in particular the human immunodeficiency... Show more
Andreas Nitsche
Professor of Virology at Humboldt University of Berlin. He is currently the head of the highly pathogenic viruses... Show more
Jean-Paul J. Gonzalez
French virologist, Professor. Key areas of research and experience include understanding the basics and areas of... Show more
Jean-Claude Manuguerra
Doctor, virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, head of the Department of emergency biological care. Known for... Show more
Professor E. Sreekumar
È professore nel dipartimento di biologia patogena del centro di biotecnologia Rajiv Gandhi. Membro della Global... Show more
Dr. Milind M. Gore
Professore di virologia, Istituto Nazionale di virologia, Pune (India), coordinatore del settore indiano della... Show more
Professor Anupam Varma
Presidente della società mondiale di virologia ed ex presidente della società indiana di virologia, scienziato... Show more
K. M. Yacob
Direttore del Centro Medico Marma. Un professionista sanitario in Kerala in India negli ultimi 29 anni ed è molto... Show more
Yashpal S. Malik
Professor, national research fellow, Indian veterinary Research Institute Major scientific achievements include... Show more
Narayan Rishi
Professor, Head of the Amity Institute of Virology and immunology (India). He was the President of the Indian... Show more
Bechan Sharma
Professor of the Central research Institute of medicinal products, head of the Department of biochemistry, Allahabad... Show more
SMpaul Khurana
Professor, Director of the Amity Institute of biotechnology (India). An internationally recognized virologist,... Show more
Shailendra K. Saxena
Professor, Deputy Dean, king George Medical University, Lucknow. The Professor's main research interest is to... Show more
Sujatha Sunil
Dr., principal investigator, International center for genetic engineering and biotechnology, new Delhi. She has a... Show more
Professor Vittorio Colizzi
Professore di Immunologia All'Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Direttore della Cattedra UNESCO di Biotecnologie e... Show more
Giulio Tarro
Professor and research associate At the national research Council (CNR) and the National cancer Institute (USA) in... Show more
Alessandro Marcello
Group leader of the laboratory of molecular Virology of the International center for genetic engineering and... Show more
Franco M Buonaguro
Director, Department of molecular biology and viral Oncology, National cancer Institute, Italy. Member of the world... Show more
Giuseppe Ippolito
Professor of infectious diseases. Scientific Director of the national Institute of infectious diseases (inmi) "Lazaro... Show more
Jesus L. Romalde
Professor of Microbiology and Parasitology At the University of Santiago de Compostela. He founded the enteral virus... Show more
Chil-Yong Kang
Professor, Ph. D., MD, FRSC, is a molecular virologist and Professor of Virology at the faculty of Microbiology and... Show more
Hong Kong
Dong-yan Jin
Professor, doctor of philosophy and doctor of medicine, University of Hong Kong. Professor Dong-yan Jin's interests... Show more
Chan WAN And Renee
Professor, co-Director of the Utrecht joint research laboratory of respiratory viruses and Immunobiology CUHK-UMC,... Show more
Russian Federation
Mikhail Kostinov
Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, Russian allergist-immunologist, vaccinologist, honored scientist of the... Show more
Marjeta Dervishi
Doctor, expert Of the Institute of public health of Albania. Department of infectious disease control.
Silva Tafaj
Microbiologist, doctor of medical Sciences, University hospital "sh. Ndroqi", University Of Tirana.
Dr Arsen Arakelyan
Direttore Dell'Istituto di biologia molecolare dell'Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze della Repubblica di... Show more
Professor Arman Badalyan
È un epidemiologo Dell'Armenia, docente del Dipartimento di epidemiologia dell'Università Medica Statale di Yerevan.... Show more
Maria Belén Pisano
Doctor at the JM Vanella Institute of Virology, National University of Cordoba, Argentina. Research areas-Virology,... Show more
Guido Vanham
Doctor of medical Sciences, Belgian doctor, virologist. In the 1990s, he studied the spread of HIV and tuberculosis... Show more
Burkina Faso
Nicolas Barro
Professor, Director General Of the national Biosafety Agency in Burkina Faso. Director of the laboratory of... Show more
Nafissatou Ouedraogo
Professor, laboratories of molecular biology, epidemiology and monitoring of food bacteria and viruses, research... Show more
Maria Cristina Navas
Professor, scientific Director of the gastrohepatology research group of the faculty of Microbiology and Parasitology... Show more
Katherine Laiton Donato
Doctor of the national Institute of health of Colombia. Dr. Catherine lighton-Donato leads a group of virologists In... Show more
Maria Guadalupe Guzman
Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, senior researcher. Head of the Department of Virology At the Institute of... Show more
Sonia Resic
Doctor, head of the IPK Virology Department at the Cuban epicenter of the COVID-19 fight. Head of the Virology... Show more
Czech Republic
Hana Zelena
Doctor of philosophy, doctor and microbiologist, head of the Department of Microbiology and National reference... Show more
Anders Fomsgaard
Head of the virus research and development laboratory. Research on viral immunity, as well as new rapid flu vaccines... Show more
Professor Irja Lutsar
Microbiologo estone e virologo, professore di microbiologia medica e virologia presso L'Università di Tartu.... Show more
Professor Ahmed El-Kafrawi
Professore emerito di microbiologia e immunologia presso la Facoltà di Medicina Dell'Università di Al-Azhar, Gli... Show more
Mohamed A. Shalaby
President of the Egyptian society of virologists. Professor of Virology and immunology.
Professor Luis Blanco
È professore di ricerca presso il Consiglio Supremo spagnolo per la ricerca scientifica (CSIC) sulla risposta... Show more
Yimtubezinash Woldeamanuel Mulate
An Ethiopian physician and microbiologist who researches infectious diseases, hospital-acquired infections, and... Show more
Professor Vincenzo Cerullo
Professore Dell'Università di Helsinki, Dipartimento di Scienze Farmaceutiche Capo del gruppo laboratorio di... Show more
Dieudonne Nkoghe
Doctor of medical Sciences, international center for medical research of France (CIRMF), Department of viral... Show more
Tengiz Tsertsvadze
Direttore generale del centro di ricerca per le malattie infettive, Aids e immunologia clinica, Tbilisi, Georgia,... Show more
Osbourne Quaye
Doctor, head of the Virology laboratory of the West African center for cell biology of infectious pathogens (WAKKBIP)... Show more
John Kofi Odoom
Doctor, research associate in the Virology Department and currently technical Director of the world health... Show more
Professor Dr Aristidis Michael Tsatsakis
È professore di tossicologia. È Direttore del Dipartimento di tossicologia e criminologia presso la scuola di... Show more
Ivan-Christian Kurolt
Virologist, COVID-19 Expert. Research interests: Diagnostics and molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases;... Show more
Alemka Markotic
Professor, doctor, Director of the infectious diseases Clinic "Dr. Fran Mihaljevic" Zagreb. Professor of the faculty... Show more
Tatiana Vilibic-Chawlek
Croatian Institute of public health currently, he works in the Department of Virology of the Croatian national... Show more
Irena Tabain
Head of the respiratory viruses Department at the Croatian Institute of public health. Doctor of medical Sciences,... Show more
Vladimir Stevanovic
Doctor, candidate of technical Sciences, Deputy head of the Virology Department, faculty of veterinary medicine,... Show more
Lubo Babic
Professor at the faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Zagreb. He works in the Department of Microbiology and... Show more
Dr Noreen Sheehy
Professore di virologia molecolare presso L'University College di Dublino Centro per la ricerca sulle malattie... Show more
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Professor Hossein Keyvani
Professore di virologia presso l'Università iraniana di scienze mediche a Teheran. È il fondatore del primo e unico... Show more
Professor Kari Stefansson
Professore Dell'Accademia Nazionale delle scienze (NAS) Neurologo Islandese, fondatore e CEO della società... Show more
Professor of Virology and molecular biology. Director of the center for cross-border diseases of the joint faculty of... Show more
Yasushi Kawaguchi
Professor of molecular Virology At the Institute of medical Sciences, University of Tokyo. Member Of the global... Show more
Korea, Republic of
T. Anh Wartel
Doctor of global public health. He has 20 years of experience in epidemiological research, phase I-IV clinical... Show more
Jeong-Ki Kim
Professor of Microbiology and Virology. Research activities - development of new flu vaccines, new antiviral drugs... Show more
Vittal Mogasale
Head of the Department of political and economic research. Over the past 20 years, he has participated in infectious... Show more
Manki Song
Doctor, Deputy General Director of the scientific Department. Deals with public health issues and threats to the... Show more
Jae-OUK Kim
Doctor of philosophy, head of the Department of molecular immunology. Head of the Department of molecular immunology.... Show more
Mosoka P. Fallah
Doctor of philosophy, master of public health, master of public health, consultant in public health. Deputy Director... Show more
Tamir Abdelrahman
Doctor, head of the Department of Microbiology at the Institute of infections, immunity and inflammation.
Modra Murovska
Virologist, Director and senior researcher At the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of Riga Stradina University.... Show more
Professor Abdelouaheb Benani
Professore, capo del laboratorio di biologia molecolare Dell'Istituto Pasteur. Presidente della società Araba di... Show more
Khatijah Yusoff
Professor, member of the Academy of Sciences of the Islamic world. Department of Microbiology, faculty of... Show more
Professor Oyewale Tomori
Professore Nigeriano di virologia. Ex Presidente Dell'Accademia Nigeriana Delle Scienze. Amministratore di istruzione... Show more
Judith Oguzie
Research fellow at the African center of excellence in infectious disease genomics. One of the young scientists who... Show more
Christian Happi
Professor of molecular biology and genomics and Director of the African center of excellence in infectious disease... Show more
Marion Koopmans
È un virologo Olandese, capo del Dipartimento di virologia. Erasmo Di Rotterdam. La sua ricerca si concentra su nuove... Show more
Katja Wolters
A clinical virologist working in the AMC Department of medical Microbiology at the University of Amsterdam UMC as a... Show more
Peter J. M. Rottier
Honorary Professor, doctor of philosophy. Research areas: veterinary Virology, molecular Virology; cell biology of... Show more
Lia van der Hoek
Doctor, Expertise: Virology; identification of new viruses involved in human diseases. Project Manager:... Show more
Shishir Gokhale
Professor, head of the Department and Director of basic Sciences of Microbiology. Dr. Shishir Gokhale specializes in... Show more
Niranjan Nayak
Doctor of medicine. Professor of Microbiology, Manipal College of medical Sciences and Professor in charge of... Show more
Eduardo Gotuzzo
Profеssor, MD, FACP, FIDSA, is principal professor of the Department of Medicine and Director of the “Alexander von... Show more
Abrar Hussain Khan
Balochistan University of information technology and Sciences. Professor of Microbiology with many years of... Show more
Katarzyna V. Panser
The doctor, a microbiologist. Works as a head of the BSL3 laboratory and a virologist in the Department of Virology.... Show more
Pedro Simas
Virologo e ricercatore presso L'Istituto di Medicina Molecolare (IMM) dell'Università di Lisbona.
João Mesquita
Professor of the Polytechnic Institute, head of the BSL-3 laboratory, Doctor of Virology and philosophy. Doctor of... Show more
Ali A. Sultan
Professor of Microbiology and immunology at Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar (WCM-Q). Scientist-Clinician of... Show more
Saudi Arabia
Garwin Kim Sing
Professor of immunology and Microbiology at Alfaisal University. Research areas: microbiology, biochemistry, and... Show more
Cecilia Soderberg-Naucler
È professore di virologia presso il Karolinska Institute di Stoccolma. Si occupa di attività di ricerca in biologia... Show more
Professor Lim Chien Wei John
È Professore, fondatore e direttore esecutivo del Centro per l'eccellenza normativa (CoRE) presso la scuola di... Show more
John Pastor Ansah
È un assistente professore del programma per i servizi sanitari e la ricerca sistemica. In questo momento... Show more
Professor El Hadji Seydou MBAYE
Member of the world society of Virology (WSV). General Secretary of the symbiosis Association (Association of... Show more
Dr Alla Mironenko
Professore, MD, capo del Dipartimento di infezioni respiratorie e altre infezioni virali Dell'Istituto di... Show more
Julius Lutwama
Senior researcher at the Uganda Ministry of health at the Entebbe virus research Institute. Acting Deputy Director of... Show more
Patrice Mawa
Doctor in immunology, research division of the Uganda virus medical research Council (Uganda Institute of virus... Show more
Erkin Musabayev
Chief infectious disease specialist of the country.Director Of the Institute of Virology of the Ministry of health of... Show more
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Flor H Pujol
Professor, head of the laboratory of Virologia Molecular, IVIC (Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas),... Show more
Esmeralda Vizzi
Doctor, head of the Biología de Virus laboratory, IVIC, Caracas. Venezuela. Coordinator of the Venezuela and Latin... Show more
South Africa
Jacqueline Weyer
Senior researcher at the Center for new and zoonotic diseases of the National Institute of infectious diseases.... Show more