About the conference

Conference participants: Leading virologists and epidemiologists from each country

Audience of the conference: Doctors of all countries, journalists, all interested

Conference format

Online conference from September 30 to October 01. Live online (Youtube, Facebook), speech by leading virologists and epidemiologists (150 virologists/epidemiologists from different countries).

Publication of interview recordings of leading virologists and epidemiologists (on the website https://www.education-forum.com) from July 27, 2020

The structure of the conference

From September 30, from 6:00 a.m. GMT, the online conference begins live, in 2-hour groups of 15 participants each + a live broadcast of the guests and the host in the Studio in Warsaw (Poland). Each participant has 6 minutes to speak and answer questions from the media, colleagues of virologists/epidemiologists, and the audience.

2 hours live broadcast, 1 hour break. 2 hours next group, 1 hour break. There will be 10 groups in total, the conference will last 30 hours in total and will end on October 01, 2020 at 11:00 GMT.

October 01 at 12:00 GMT live broadcast of the Studio in Warsaw (Poland). Summarizing the results.

From October 02, 2020, all performances will be available for viewing in the recording!