FIRST MEDICAL HELP for heart attacks and strokes
SELF-RESCUER – device intended for independent use in the period before the arrival of an ambulance when signs of acute disorders of cerebral and coronary circulation appear for their relief by the inhalation of a special medical respiratory gas mixture that guarantees antihypoxic protection of ischemic organs and tissues, anti-shock therapy, through the effective delivery and assimilation of oxygen and the specific action of special components of the gas mixture.
Efficiency and safety of using the artificial gas mixture of original formulation and developed by specialists and confirmed by the results of preclinical tests on models of laboratory animals in 2020.


According to the World Health Organization, coronary heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of human death worldwide.

Heart attacks and strokes lead to the death of more than
15 000 000 people annually
According to the forecasts of the World Health Organization, by 2030, the number of people who will die of heart disease and stroke worldwide will be
23 600 000 people


Total annual direct costs were estimated:

  • In 2008 - 27 countries of the EU – 18,5 billion euros
  • In 2009 - USA – 22,8 billion dollars
  • In 2010 - the EU plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland – 26,6 billion euros

Cost of treatment for one patient with acute cerebrovascular accident:

  • In Europe - from €5,575 to €31,274 per year
  • In Britain - 22000 pounds a year
  • In USA – $ 50000 per year
Ischemic heart disease
Chronic airways obstruction disease of the lungs
Chronic infections of lower respiratory airways
Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia
Cancer of the lungs, trachea and bronchial tubes
Road accidents traumas Diarrhea
10 leading causes of death in the world
Number of deaths, million people


THE SELF-RESCUER DEVICE WILL ALLOW MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD to provide themselves, their relatives, friends and people in trouble with effective first aid in the event and signs of heart attack and stroke.

The emergency and delayed therapeutic effects of the SELF-RESCUER, which are provided by the unique composition of the used gas mixture, give the patient a reserve of time to receive the opportunity to provide specialized emergency medical care.

The use of SELF-RESCUER reduces the risk of complications following acute vascular catastrophes, protects the development of cascade pathophysiological processes in damaged organs and the body as a whole, minimizes the area of focal damage to ischemic tissues.

The healing properties and effects of the SELF-RESCUER will increase the survival rate of patients with acute vascular pathology, which is the most frequent cause of mortality in the world.



The SELF-RESCUER is used when the first signs of an acute disturbance of cerebral or coronary circulation occur, as well as in the presence of “minor” symptoms of myocardial infarction (pre-infarction, unstable angina pectoris) or stroke (microstroke, transient disorder of cerebral circulation, etc.)

It can be used both as self-help and as mutual help at home and in public places.

The SELF-RESCUER is a cylinder with a special breathing gas mixture of original formulation. Relief of signs of brain injury and coronary blood circulation occurs through the inhalation of a mixture of gases by the person through an oxygen mask.

One cylinder of the SELF-RESCUER is designed for a 20-30 minutes utilization (depending on the volume of the person’s lungs).


The device of the SELF-RESCUER presents emergency and delayed therapeutic effects:

  • Rapid (with the first breaths) relief of the painful shock and other painful sensations, mild sedative effect (sedation, relaxation), thanks to which the panic attack is stopped, allowing the patient to take conscious actions, to reduce the manifestations of hyperkinesis aggravating the situation.
  • Improving oxygen supply to cells and tissues.
  • Limitation of the zone of the ischemic injury.
  • Optimization of the functioning of neurons in the cerebral cortex, which, in addition to the analgesic effect, provides a decrease in the occurrence of vascular spasm.
  • Improving the delivery of medicine to the heart and brain.
  • Protection of the body from possible further development of pathological processes.


The SELF-RESCUER is an innovative device that has no analogue on the world market.

An estimated 110.55 million cases of coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases were reported in 2015.

More than 16 million cases are reported for the first time each year.

  • In 2015, the global prevalence of various types of stroke was 43.5 million people
  • In 2016, there were 80.1 million cases of stroke worldwide

At a cost of a cylinder of $ 300 for 1 piece – world market is estimated at $ 240 billion.


The device developer – innovative company working for the development of medical equipment and methods of influencing the body having geroprotective (slowing down aging) effects.

The company specializes in the research, development and differentiated application of technologies for non-medical health effects on humans, the development of rational combinations and the combinations of innovative and traditional physiotherapeutic agents that ensure the synergy of their sanogenic effects on a healthy body and in case of typical gerontological diseases.

Geroprotection is a scientific direction in medicine and physiology, which includes the study of aging patterns at the general body and cellular levels and the development of preventive and therapeutic methods to reduce the aging rate.


In 2020 the developer with the support of the Foundation for the support of international projects launches mass production of the SELF-RESCUE device. The product promotion strategy includes entering international markets.

We invite partners who provide the following services to cooperate

  • Legal protection of projects at the world level,
  • Product launch on the world market,
  • Launching the product on the international financial markets IPO.

The project is financed by own investments.