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Everyone can take part in the work of the Forum remotely. The Organising Committee provides translation of all Forum’s activities into participants’ national languages.
Participating in the Forum remotely, you get the access to more than 7 000 broadcasts and to further records of conferences and master-classes from six cities: Buenos Aires, Dubai, Berlin, Warsaw, Helsinki, and Singapore.

Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 gathers teachers from all countries in the world in order to convey their unique experiences to the world. These are 2000 creative teachers, who are able to address pedagogical problems extraordinary, and who have something to be proud of and something to share with others.
IPF∙2020 will be held on November 2-6, 2020 simultaneously in six cities - Warsaw, Helsinki, Singapore, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dubai. The most authoritative and influential teachers of the world will come to the forum - 10 teachers from each country, 2 representatives to a city. Best teachers are invited free of charge. The event is conducted by European Institute for Educational Development (Poland).

Best teachers from around the globe will share their teaching experience, different opinions and methods of meeting pedagogical challenges with the world educational and parental community.

Main topics:

The Forum’s program consists the finest educational methods. Our participants are professionals who work with children every day.

The Forum will present:

2000 the most talented teachers from all over the world
The most captivating school lessons
The most effective psychological and communicative practices
The world's best lessons of development of emotional intelligence
Crucial lessons of personal development
Essential lessons of non-standard thinking development
The best teaching approaches for low-performance students 
Ways of schoolchildren motivation
Original evaluation system of pupils
The most fascinating practices of teaching children with additional needs
The most essential skills for contemporary educators
Methods of involving parents in school life
Best ways of building a healthy environment in the class
Best world practices of preparing children for labor market changes
Different strategies of active learning skills development 
Best methods of supporting children with special educational needs
Inspiring examples of collaboration between education institutions and enterprises

Who is a graduate of 2050 in your country and in a neighbouring one? In another continent? What students modern schools do teach nowadays? What will labour market be like in 20 years?

The world will be what the future generation will make of it. And the generation learns from teachers.

The Forum will be addressed by world political leaders. Everyone will be able to relate their own pedagogical experience with the main trends in development of the world, and probably adjust methods and techniques of work with modern schoolchildren. Moreover, the forum will be addressed by world leaders from various sectors of the global economy. Top executives of international companies will tell whom they want to work with. Representatives of leading universities will tell us about cutting-edge work methods, as well as who they are waiting for as their future students.

Practice makes perfect.

Global International Pedagogical Forum IPF∙2020 is a big start to education of the future.

Here are topics that will be discussed at the IPF∙2020:
Developing a rating system that will help identify and support students who are at risk of being expelled
Education and teachers’ skills development
Migrant education 
Awareness of the global information world
Information and media literacy
New teaching methods in the modern world
Social networks and school
School safety
Protecting children’s lives and health from violence, addiction, mental problems, and drugs
Religion in school
The lack of education funding
Resolving questions about the growth of training problems and behavioural disorders
Communication skills in a foreign language
Social and civic competencies
Cultural competence and self-expression through creative skills
Sustainable development and healthy lifestyle, sports skills
Ingenuity, innovation and creativity in the field of pedagogy
Advanced technologies and media in the class
Outdoor games to improve student performance and motivate them
Entrepreneurial approaches of studying, training, and the methodology of supporting children with special educational needs
Education problems regarding the labor market requirements
Creating a rich educational environment
The possibility of teaching without assessments
Empathy in teachers’ lives (relationships between teachers and students)
Anticipating problems of children integration into educational environment
Game-based studying 
Project studying 
Education outside big cities, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at IPF∙2020.

Applying for the participation now, you will fix the price on 20 euro.

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