10 engaging activities with pictures

It's going to be a hands-on online workshop where participants will learn about 10 engaging ways a picture can be used during a lesson. Pictures are a great source of inspiration, they can spark active discussions, help students to recycle vocabulary, develop creativity and hone their speaking and writing skills. All the activities presented during the session were tried out and turned out to be very successful with my young adult students, but they can be easily adapted to any level and age of the students.

Irina Pomazanovschi
Moldova, Republic of

I started teaching English in 2005, hold a master degree in English Philology, studied service learning as a Fulbright Scholar in the USA in 2010. In 2013 I became the President of Moldovan English Teachers' Association and currently train English teachers and teach adults online. I run a youtube channel - Teacher's Journey where I share my teaching tips and some glimpses of our online lessons. I believe that online teaching offers a plethora of opportunities for collaboration and authentic materials, that is why I'm taking part in this conference!

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