Online Lessons Success Stories

My presentation is my success stories on teaching students online. I would like to share my experience with the Conference participants about using different interesting and engaging online platforms for students. Sometimes, it is not a crime to deviate from the established course and teach students something they enjoy. On the contrary, you make them feel more motivated and keep them engaged, because they learn and discover something, they have never thought of. It’s really worth trying!

Manana Kapetivadze

My name is Manana Kapetivadze. I have been an ESL teacher for 31 years already. I have been working in Public School #2, in Baghdati, which is a small town in the Western Part of Georgia. Besides the school, I worked for Peace Corps for 9 years as a Trainer in the Pre-Service Trainings and I delivered sessions on Education to the Peace Corps Volunteers. I am a teacher trainer for the British Councils Georgia (TAG), ETAG (English Teachers Association of Georgia) member and the Head of Foreign Language Department in our School. I am TEA (Teacher Excellence Award) program Alumna from Montana State University, USA and a TESOL Member. I was chosen to participate in TESOL Convention in March 2019, but due to COVID 19 all the plans have been ruined. My latest achievement in teaching is that I was named as a National Teacher Prize Winner 2018 in Georgia

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