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Dhurata Myrtollari

I am a language teacher in the secondary school in Tirana, Albania. I have 24  years of experience in the field of education and since two years I hold the title of "Master Teacher ". Some of my achievements in the field of education are: Winner of the first prize with the best project developed in the eTwinning European joint schools space, in October 2015, Tirana. Albania's representative as an innovative teacher from Microsoft at the Global Education Forum, Budapest, Hungary on March 8-11, 2016. The second prize winner for the best projects developed in the eTwinnng European joint venture space in 2016 for Albania. Winner of the Grand Prize "Teacher of the Year 2017" in Albania. Winner of the Award for Education and Teaching, ICT AWARDS 6 (nationwide competition for new innovators in various fields) in April 2018. Albania's representative as SCIENTIX Albania network ambassador in 3rd SCIENTIX Europe Conference 4-6 May 2018.
I work passionately to encourage new teachers to become part of professional networks and to learn from the experience of the best teachers.

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