Three dimensions of grammar – form, meaning and use

English grammar is complex and presents many problems for the learners. Coming out of my experience I can tell that some grammar structures are not particularly difficult for students to master, whereas others give students (and teachers) a lot of trouble. That is how this happens. The most important first step in solving any problem is understanding its cause: why are some grammar items more challenging for students? My topic covers three dimensions of grammar - form, meaning and use how  these components can help teachers understand grammar structures better and identify potential learning challenges for their students easily.

Munira Homidova

Dr.Munira Homidova, senior lecturer working for Khujand state University, faculty of foreign languages in Khujand city, Tajikistan. 12 years of work experience as a teacher of English.

The author of monograpgy and more than 20 scientific articles in the field of linguistics and method.

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