Internationalization of education and comparing of cultures

Wherever we are from any place, whatever our nationality is, however our culture is, we are human. So we have many similarities and we need same things such as science, open mind, intelligence and love. My speech is about these. I can show what we need real examples that I lived experiences.

Mr. Eyup Yilmaz

I work as vice headmaster in my organization. The work program and organization of the school is prepared by me. Especially the lessons program is prepared by me and I make the distribution of tasks between the staff. I am responsible for the management of some projects for example Erasmus+ and Environment projects. I attended to "what could go wrong" which took place in Budapest on March 2019. Its subject is mistakes and problems in Erasmus+ projects and solutions about that.

I have a lots of experience based on 10 years related to EU projects. I attended to study visits in Lyon/ France in 2011, in Birmingham/UK in 2007 and completed both successfully. In 2008 I established partnership with some schools in some countries in EU for Comenius School Partnership. I worked and contributed as a contact person of Turkish partner school in "Every Child is Special" project implemented between 2015 and 2018. I attended TCA which name is "What Could Go Wrong" Budapest 25 - 29/03/2019.

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