Environmental education through active learning

In the wake of rapid climate change and the environmental degradation associated with it, active learning in environmental education plays a key role in moulding beings who can creatively participate in environmental activities. There are so many positive which can be drawn from active learning in environmental learning, chief amongst intensifying the learning process by encouraging in them creative participation. Active learning in environmental education also helps in cognitive and behavioural changes towards environmental consciousness amongst learners. The presentation will expose the various means and methods in which active learning can be promoted in environmental education in schools. My presentation will be structured as below:

  • Definition of terms: - Environmental education - Active learning
  • Importance of environmental education
  • Advantages of Active learning
  • Disadvantages and limitations of active learning
  • Methods and activities active learning of environmental issues
  • Supporting organisations and departments
  • My case study.
Blessing Onias Munetsi

My name is Blessing Onias Munetsi. I am a holder of an MSc in Climate Science and Modelling from the University of Zimbabwe, Honours in Geography from the University of Zimbabwe and a Post graduate Degree in Education from Bindura University of Science education. I am an ecologically minded teacher who teaches Geography from junior level up to advanced level at Chemhanza High School in Wedza district of Zimbabwe. My spare time is devoted to increasing environmental awareness amongst learners through various environmental activities. Being an ardent environmentalist, I established an environmental club at my school. Through initiatives and activities I spearheaded in the club, I have witnessed a dramatic change in the environmental perception of the club members and the people in the local community. It is my dream that through my efforts and efforts from other like-minded people, I will see all people putting the environment first before all projects and developments in future.

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