Teaching and learning in preparation for examinations and moving grades under coronavirus pandemic in Zimbabwe

The education sector is locked in a dilemma;continued closure of schools will severely compromise access to education and further harm learner  wellbeing. Zimbabwe’s education is trapped in a multifaceted crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic. Government has cut spending on education; parents are severely incapacitated to fund for education. Teachers are underpaid and face unprecedented repression when they demand better salaries. The speech focuses on  strategies to resolve the crisis in education.

I am planning to present my speech in the following way:

  1. Primary and secondary education system in Zimbabwe
  2. New curriculum in Zimbabwe
  3. Education policy in Zimbabwe
  4. Impact of covid-19 in education system
  5. Strategies to solve this problem
  6. Conclusion
Moreblessing Nyambara

My name is Moreblessing Nyambara, I am a secondary school teacher at Zimbiru secondary school in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe, Africa. I am a holder of Master of science Degree in Education Mathematics and currently am studying a Master of Arts in Labour Policies and Globalisation at Kassel University  in Germany.

I have been a teacher since January 2009, I am also the Gender and social welfare secretary of Amalgamated Rural teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

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