Use of Web 2.0 Tools in Online Lessons

Tools used during pandemic times and before to implement technology in education. Some of those tools 
- Prezi presentation
- Voki children presentation to be safe online
- Google Slides in Presentation
- Google Classroom 
- Phet simulation in Science education 
- Microbit in education
- Minecraft Education Edition and Kahoot in our schools and the use of these tools in our school classes.

There are many tools used in online lessons but i think that these.

Lindita Lohja

I am a physics and Informatics teacher in secondary schools with 20 years of experience in education.
I am a Special Needs Educator too from 2013.
I am an etwinning ambassador for albania from 2019 and Minecraft Global Mentor in Albania in 2018 
I am also a Leading Teacher in Eu Code Week from 2017 
I am a Microsoft Innovative educator Expert from 2015
I am an Europeana member( the digital Cultural Heritage portal In European Union) 
I have participated in so many global projects lately in the Climate Change Action Project 
I am very happy to be part of this global teachers forum and hope I will have a wonderful experience shared with other teachers around the world.

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