Skill of communication and the introduction of computer programs into the teaching and learning process

Naeem Ali Saleh Hassan Hamla

I studied elementary school at Al-Amal Al-Hayadi School, Khoudan, directorates of Yarim, Ibb governorate, I obtained high school from Al-Salam School Al-Bustan, and when I graduated from high school, I worked as a teacher at Al-Amal School for the year 2013, and after that I continued my studies and got a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Al-Ahqaf Hadramout in 2018, then worked as a teacher trainer At the Dhamar Institute, training and qualification of teachers up to the subject of communication skill 2020, after which I moved to train children in Al-Jawf Governorate. I love education and its various methods, which I like analyzing information and history

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