Alternative Learning Facilitation and its challenges during covid-19 in Nepal

The covid-19 has a severe impact on education along with other sectors in developing and developed countries across the world. Nepal, a developing country, cannot remain untouched from the pandemic of covid-19. The government of Nepal officially announced to close all educational institutions on March 19. Due to the pandemic of covid-19, roughly 8.2 million students are away from their classrooms. The academic session of the schools couldn't begin for long and the postponed national board exam is still under consideration. To overcome the educational loss in Nepalese schools and universities, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has developed alternative learning facilitation to facilitate the students through various means during this crisis. The Ministry has recommended four alternatives including online education, education through television, radio education, and education through learning centres. My speech will focus on the effectiveness of the alternatives learning facilitation framework to facilitate the learners through various means and the challenges to implementing these alternatives in Nepal. Similarly, I will highlight the effort of the government and non-government organisations to minimise the education loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal.

I am planning to present my speaking in the following way:

  1. A brief introduction to Nepalese education system (school education and university education)
  2. Some statistics related to education in Nepal
  3. Education policy in Nepal
  4. Impact of covid-19 in education in Nepal
  5. Alternative learning facilitations during covid-19 in Nepal
  6. Challenges in implementing alternative learning facilitations 
  7. Conclusion
Binod Neupane

I am Binod Neupane from Nepal. I am a school teacher as well as a university lecturer in Nepal. I have been teaching for more than 15 years in different schools and campuses. Currently, I am the head of the faculty of education at Marsyangdi Multiple Campus where I conduct various teacher development programmes for pre-service teachers and supervise the dissertation of the university students. I have been working as a teacher trainer of English language teaching and teachers' professional development, under the government of Nepal and Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA). Besides teaching, I involve in professional organisations like NELTA and IATEFL. I am a branch chair of NELTA and an IATEFL member. I am also an editor of the Journal of NELTA Gandaki, a peer-review journal of Nepal, since 2019 as well as a freelance researcher.

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