Humanizing education in the classroom

This theme aims to bring the good ways to develop the teaching and learning process based on a relational and intercultural approach. The classroom environment is diverse and often our formal and traditionalist views have harmed the student learning process. Another way, it is necessary to realize that the school is not a single vector of the integral construction of man, and must rescue the other agents of education who provide serious tools for socialization. Therefore, Humanizing education aims to lead the student to develop competencies for self-control and respect for the other and for what is common.

Jacinto Alberto Pequenino

Graduated in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Mozambique; Post-graduate South Atlantic Studies from the University of Bologna- Italy; Master's in Education from UniAtlântico de España.

He is currently professor of Philosophy at Gwaza Muthini High School, moral and civic at the Sagrada Familia Community School and Professor at the Gwaza Muthini Higher Institute of Management and Engagement in Marracuene.

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