September 30 COVID-19 Conference Participants
Jean-Paul J. Gonzalez

French virologist, Professor. Key areas of research and experience include understanding the basics and areas of disease occurrence, the ecoepidemiology of viral diseases, Biosafety, biosecurity, and bio-surveillance. The Professor and his team identified new human and animal pathogens, developed tools and strategies for bio-surveillance, control and prevention of highly pathogenic infectious diseases, and reviewed the spread and dynamics of viral hemorrhagic fevers in Africa and Asia. In addition, as a rapid response to and control of epidemics, he worked with his partners to train national health professionals (Nigeria, Uganda) , developed clinical trials of vaccines (rift valley hemorrhagic fever in Senegal; dengue in Thailand), and respond to outbreaks (for example, Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone).

He is engaged in expertise in global health, human rights in new outbreaks of infectious diseases, and international health regulations.